Samuel Barton better known as Sam was born in Wolfeboro New Hampshire on October 10, 1999, growing up he was the youngest of four with three sisters and one brother. Today Sam is an active student of his high school, he is a member of NHS which shows his natural leadership. Sam plays golf in the fall showing his strong independence. In the winter Sam plays varsity hockey where is a key member on defence this season he has help the team win seven games so far, showing he can also work on a team. Lastly he recently began playing lacrosse in the spring although he wasn’t on varsity, Sam worked his hardest. As the son of a doctor Sam understands that people need to be taken better care of that is what he’ll do to make America better.

Jacob Jensen was born in Rochester New Hampshire on February 23, 2001,as a child he had one younger brother who followed him everywhere. Today Jacob attendants high school where he takes all honors classes, and always keeps up good grades. Jacob is like an average sophomore except for the fact that he is fourteen years old. At the end of second grade, when Jacob offered the opportunity to skip third grade. Jacob always being excited to take on a new challenge, excepted the invitation showing Jacob’s desire to take on anything. In the fall Jacob is also a member of the golf team with his running mate Samuel Barton, Jacob was often found on the golf course helping his teammates improve their skills, showing Jacob’s drive to help others. In the winter Jacob takes a break to focus on his studies. But in the spring he is a key member of the baseball team, helping them win 12 games last season showing Jacob’s ability to work with others. As an older brother Jacob knows how it feels to be relied on that is how he’ll make America better.

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